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Julia Yan

Julia Yan, PhD

Assistant Professor

Curriculum Vitae


Dr. Julia Yan is an assistant professor in the Department of Human Development and Family Studies at Utah State University. She teaches an undergraduate course in lifespan development and graduate courses in development in the infancy. Yan's research focuses on child social-emotional development in the family context and fathering behaviors. Yan enjoys traveling with her family and friends.


  • Ph.D. in Human Development and Family Sciences, The Ohio State University, 2020
  • M.A.S. in Applied Statistics, The Ohio State University, 2019
  • M.S. in Human Development and Family Sciences, The Ohio State University, 2017
  • B.S. in Psychology, Beijing Normal University, 2015

Research Interests

  • My research interests include fathers’, mothers’, and children’s own contributions in social-emotional development. Informed by a family systems perspective and developmental psychopathology perspective, I am particularly interested in understanding what behaviors and characteristics of fathers and mothers, together with family dynamics, may collectively cultivate adaptive emotional skills and protect against biological vulnerabilities. I also examine the factors that collectively and interactively shape fathers’ and mother’s parenting behaviors and adjustment at the transition to parenthood. 
  • I incorporate advanced quantitative methods into my substantive work to address innovative questions about parenting and child development, and to model the complex reality more precisely. I apply structural equation modeling (SEM) and hierarchical linear modeling (HLM) in longitudinal data, dyadic/hierarchical data, and physiological data to understand how family processes and dynamics shape child development over time. I apply methodological expertise not only through conducting research, but also via teaching, mentoring, consulting, and developing research collaborations.

Dr. Yan is currently accepting both PhD and Master's students.