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Dolores Doré Eccles Center for Early Care & Education

Our teachers, staff, and families support children's growth and learning through the provision of intentionally planned and developmentally appropriate environments that build on children's natural tendency for play, promotes curiosity, wonder, and exploration, and provides challenges for mastering new skills.

Our curriculum encompasses the entire day and is demonstrated in our indoor and outdoor environments, the daily schedules, and the types of materials and activities offered. The children's daily experiences reflect intentional efforts to provide each child with opportunities to explore and build literacy, science, math, physical, creative, cognitive, and social skills.

Our community is created with a shared commitment to children and extends beyond the center doors to include families and the wider USU community. We work in partnership with families to meet their individual needs as they balance school, work, and family. Our program provides opportunities for students and faculty to learn more about early childhood care and education through research and training.