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Housing & Financial Counseling

The Housing and Financial Counseling Services (HFC) is a national counseling and educational model which provides services to residents in Utah and Southern Idaho, encourages empowerment through education in housing and finance, and works to promote the dignity of every individual. The HFC was established by the Utah State University College of Human Development and Family Studies in 1993 to provide counseling services for the community and training for students in the Consumer Science Family Finance Emphasis.

Our mission is to develop, through counseling and education, a community of people and families who are knowledgeable about housing, and who effectively manage their financial resources.

As a HUD Approved Housing Counseling Agency, the HFC offers, Pre and Post Purchase Educational Workshops and individualized one-on-one counseling, Mortgage Default Counseling and Loss Mitigation negotiation, Reverse Mortgage (HECM) Counseling, and Rental Counseling. In addition, they provide financial coaching and financial counseling on budgeting, credit management, debt reduction, risk management, and saving for a home.

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The Family Life Center is a U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development approved agency.


Home Buyer Education Workshop

This workshop was developed to educate first time homebuyers about the home purchasing process. This education will help them bettter understand each step in the process and gain confidence in their home buying decisions. This workshop and housing counseling is offered free of charge.

Additional Details

  • Certificates of completion may be used to qualify for first time homebuyer financial assistance programs.
  • Housing and financial counseling services are available to Cache, Box Elder, and Rich county residents.
  • Variety of presenters including Realtors, Mortgage Lenders, Insurance Agents and Housing Counselors.
  • Topics include budgeting, Credit, Evaluation Housing Needs, Working with a Realtor, Mortgage Sustainability, Mortgage Products, Closing Costs, and Borrower Obligations.


Logan Library
Bonneville Room
255 North Main
Logan, UT 84321

2018 Home Buyer Education Workshop Dates Times
October 13 10am – 6pm
November 3 10am – 6pm
December 1 10am – 6pm
2019 Home Buyer Education Workshop Dates Times
January 12 10am – 6pm
February 9 10am – 6pm
March 2 10am – 6pm
April 6 10am – 6pm
May 11 10am – 6pm
June 1 10am – 6pm
July 13 10am – 6pm
August 3 10am – 6pm
September 7 10am – 6pm
October 12 10am – 6pm
November 2 10am – 6pm
December 7 10am – 6pm

Financial Management Workshop

Come join us for a two-hour interactive workshop that will help strengthen your financial muscles.  This workshop is Free of Charge until May 2019.  To register call 435-797-7224.

Additional Details

  • Topics include Money Management, Navigating Financial Obstacles, Accessing Community Resources, and Increasing Financial Well-Being. 
  • Housing and financial counseling services are available to Cache, Box Elder, and Rich county residents.


Sorenson Center for Clinical Excellence
750 North 950 East
Logan, UT 84322

2018 Financial Management Workshop Dates Times
October 4 6pm – 8pm
November 1 6pm – 8pm
November 10 9am – 11am
December 6 6pm – 8pm
December 8 9am – 11am
2019 Workshop Dates Times
January 3 6pm – 8pm
January 12 9am – 11am
February 7 6pm – 8pm
February 16 9am – 11am
March 7 6pm – 8pm
March 16 9am – 11am
April 4 6pm – 8pm
April 13 9am – 11am
May 2 6pm – 8pm
May 11 9am – 11am

Housing and Financial Counceling Staff

Ryan Seedall, PhD

Ryan Seedall, PhD


Ellie Hansen

Ellie Hansen

Program Manager

Writes, monitors grants, and conducts counseling sessions

Laura Crofts

Laura Crofts

  •  CCE 423
  •  435-797-7430

Staff Assistant III

Loryn Law

Loryn Law

Housing and Financial Counselor

Organizes and teaches monthly financial workshops, and provides guidance in individual financial management counseling sessions.

Camille Pedersen

Camille Pedersen

HECM Counselor

Reverse Mortgage Counselor, and Housing and Financial Counselor

Erica Abbott

Erica Abbott


Organizes and teaches financial workshops

Alana Stowe

Alana Stowe

Graduate Student

Organizes and teaches monthly financial workshops, and provides guidance in individual financial management counseling sessions.



  • Tracking Worksheet

    The Tracking Worksheet provides a place to record all income and expenses. The information can be used to fill out the Income and Expense Statement.

  • Net Worth Statement

    The Net Worth Statement shows assets, liabilities, and net worth for one point in time. It provides information on what you own, what you owe, and the difference between the two. The Net Worth Statement can also show progress when done annually. It is necessary for the Financial Ratios.

  • Income and Expense Statement

    The Income and Expense Statement shows a picture of income and expenses for one time period. This statement uses one month as the time period. It reveals the ability to live within one's means. The Income and Expense Statement is necessary for the Financial Ratios.

  • Financial Ratios

    Financial Ratios are used as measurements of one's financial situation. They help individuals and families evaluate debt loads and adequacy of savings. Guidelines are given to help avoid financial problems. The Net Worth Statement and the Income and Expense Statement are necessary for the Financial Ratios.

  • Revolving Savings Account

    A Revolving Savings Account is used to cover irregular expenses that come throughout the year such as car registration, holidays, and more. The worksheet helps one gather information about irregular expenses and helps determine how much should be taken out of a monthly budget to cover these expenses.

  • Retirement Needs

    The Retirement Worksheet provides individuals an estimate of how much they will need to save by retirement and how much they need to save each year to reach that goal.

  • Life Insurance

    The Life Insurance Worksheet helps individuals decide if they need life insurance and if so, how much they need.

  • Goal Worksheet

    The Goal Worksheet provides space for short-term, intermediate, and long-term goals. It helps individuals and families look at how much these goals will cost, when they are desired, and how they will be accomplished.

  • Budget Worksheet

    A budget can help individuals achieve their financial goals. The budget worksheet provides a column for the estimated or budgeted amount, the actual amount received or spent, and a column to see the difference between the budgeted and actual amounts.