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Data-Based Decisions

Human Development and Family Studies, BS/BA

Based on our Board of Regents review in 2011-12 we discovered that our students were required to have 67 credit hours in the major. This was causing undue problems in faculty teaching loads and slowing students in their progress toward graduation. In 2012-13 the curriculum committee revised the entire undergraduate curriculum and created a new emphasis in Human Development Lifespan. These changes allowed us to reduce the number of credits required in the major from 67 down to 43-47 (depending on the emphasis).  However, it was discovered that some of the emphases were not entirely covering the department’s core learning objectives.  In 2015-16 the curriculum committee was tasked with redesigning the core classes of each emphasis to ensure that all students were taking courses that met the department’s learning objectives.  Revisions included an alignment of the face-to-face major the online major with both having the same pre-major courses, core courses, and all students completing a culminating experience based off either research, teaching in the community, or a hands-on work experience. The new changes brought the total required credits for both majors to 55.  Both students and faculty support the credit hour updates.  All students, regardless of emphasis or modality, are receiving the learning objectives in their core courses.  Feedback from student focus groups is overwhelmingly positive. Based on our Practicum and Senior Capstone Project course surveys, our student satisfaction with the major has been very positive in this area as well.