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Course Syllabi CEHS Graduate Course Offerings Additional Resources for Graduate Courses

HDFS Graduate Course Offerings

Fall 2017, 2019, 2021
HDFS 6060 Human Development Theories
HDFS 6530 Development in Adolescence
HDFS 6070 Family Theories
HDFS 6220 Interpersonal Family Relationships
HDFS 6050 Economics across the Lifespan
HDFS 6032 Research Methods II: Measurement
HDFS 6960 HDFS Graduate Orientation (1 credit)
HDFS 6961 HDFS Teaching Assistantship Orientation (1 credit)
HDFS 7530 Development in Adolescence
HDFS 7220 Interpersonal Family Relationships
HDFS 7033 Research Methods III: Dyadic and Longitudinal Data
Spring 2018, 2020, 2022
HDFS 6540 Adulthood and Aging
HDFS 6200 Topical Seminar in HDFS *
HDFS 6010 Survey: Family Relations
HDFS 6210 Cultural Diversity in Families
HDFS 6045 Financial Health
HDFS 6031 Research Methods I
HDFS 7540 Adulthood and Aging
HDFS 7200 Topical Seminar in HDFS *
HDFS 7070 Advanced Research/Theory in Family Relations
HDFS 7210 Cultural Diversity in Families
HDFS 7045 Financial Health

* Topical Seminars are courses offered on an as needed basis and are announced via email
Updated 4/13/17