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Overview of Graduate Studies in HDFS

We Provide Advanced Training

Graduate study in the HDFS Department provides advanced training for individuals wishing to study human development, family relations, marriage and family therapy, and the interplay between individual and family development with other social institutions. Our graduate programs provide a challenging and stimulating environment for graduate study leading to rewarding careers in academia or in applied settings that serve individuals and families across the life span.

We Provide a Strong Research and Theoretical Base

Graduate students receive a strong research and theoretical base in family relationships and human development. In addition to the core courses required for each of the specializations, students have the opportunity to pursue their educational and occupational goals with a wide range of curricular and extracurricular activities including elective graduate courses in the HDFS department, as well as designated courses in related graduate programs at USU. Graduate students may also engage in independent study, practicum, and other specialized professional experiences that help them to acquire specific skills.

We Provide Professional Competency

The department provides advanced graduate education and training for students to: (1) develop the professional competencies necessary for employment in research, teaching, marriage and family therapy, extension, and administration; (2) develop the skills necessary for agency administration in the field of family and child care services; (3) provide clinical services in marriage and family therapy; and (4) develop the skills for supervisory responsibilities in child development laboratories, child care facilities, and adolescent, and aging programs.

Our HDFS graduates are employed in educational settings such as academic departments in colleges and universities, research centers, public schools, Head Start, and child care programs. Our graduates are also employed in service settings such as mental health and social service agencies, private and clinical practice settings, Extension services, hospitals, and related organizations that teach about, study, or serve individuals and families.

How to Apply

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M.S. students

Master of Science in Human Development and Family Studies (MS)

The MS program supports graduate students in research and thesis writing by providing qualified faculty members, teaching opportunities, and more.

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Thesis Option

MFHD students

Master's in Human Development and Family Studies (MHDFS)

The MHDFS program is designed to prepare students for professional roles providing education and services to individuals and families in applied settings.

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Non-thesis Option

MMFT student

Master's in Marriage and Family Therapy (MS/MMFT)

The Master’s Degree and Doctoral Concentration in Marriage and Family Therapy are designed to prepare future therapy professionals in the field.

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Thesis or Non-thesis Option

PhD Students

Doctor of Philosophy in Human Development and Family Studies (PhD)

The PhD in Family and Human Development provides strong integrative training in theory, research methods, and statistics relevant to Family Relations, Human Development, or Marriage and Family Therapy.

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