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HDFS Course Syllabi Summer 2020

Course Name Instructor Syllabi
HDFS 1500 Human Development Across the Lifespan Shirlene Law PDF
HDFS 2400 Marriage and Family Relations David Law PDF
HDFS 2660 Parenting and Child Guidance Donna Blaylock PDF
HDFS 3110 Human Sexuality Darcy Keady PDF
HDFS 3130 Research Methods Sarah Tulane PDF
HDFS 3210 Families and Cultural Diversity Ryan Seedall PDF
HDFS 3350 Family Finance Alena Johnson PDF
HDFS 3450 Consumer Credit Problems Cindy Stokes PDF
HDFS 3580 Adolescent Lab Kevin Barlow PDF
HDFS 3590 Gerontology Lab Kevin Barlow PDF
HDFS 4220 Family Crisis and Intervention Blake Altom PDF
HDFS 4550 Methods/Curriculum for Preschool Children Shirlene Law PDF
HDFS 4830 Senior Capstone  Sarah Tulane PDF
HDFS 4930 Mental Health Practicum Kevin Barlow PDF
HDFS 4970
HDFS 4980
HDFS Practicum Kevin Barlow PDF
HDFS 5950 Financial Counseling Practicum Cindy Stokes PDF