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HDFS Student Clubs

The Utah State University Student Association is an organization made by the students, for the students, because of students. Every student at USU is a member of the association and can actively participate in all activities, committees, clubs, events, and initiatives.


Family Finance

The purpose of the Family Finance Club is to provide majors and other interested students opportunities for leadership, service, and social interaction. The club usually has two activities as well as opening and closing socials.
Alena Johnson


The Gerontology Club is run by the Student Gerontology Association (SGA). The SGA is a student service and professional development organization, run by all the students who are currently enrolled in the Gerontology Certificate Program.  Dr. Yin Liu serves as the faculty advisor for SGA. 

The SGA serves two general purposes. First, it helps the professional development in jobs in aging where club members get to choose an activity once a semester on things they would like to learn about or get trained on. Second, it helps with volunteer hours required by the Gerontology Certificate Program. Each member needs to complete 10 hours of club-related activity with the SGA. One should plan on completing at least 5 hours of club-related activity over 2 semesters. However members can certainly participate in more than that! The goal is one service project a month. If one is a distance student or is otherwise not able to participate in club activities, she/he is required to complete 10 hours of community service in the area of gerontology in her/his community, and submit her/his hours of activity to the current SGA president.

Yin Liu


The HDFS Club stives to rise by lifting others by being involved in and reaching out to the community, exploring career and professional opportunities, learning outside of the classroom, and serving others.

Aryn Dotterer

Marriage and Family Therapy Student Association (MFTSA)

The MFTSA is comprised of undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in promoting and learning about marriage and family therapy. Activities include learning more about the field of MFT, learning about graduate programs and the application processes, promoting the USU Marriage and Family Therapy Clinic, and raising awareness about marriage and family therapy at USU and in the community.

Dave Robinson

Phi Upsilon Omicron Honor Society

To recognize and reward academic excellence and leadership through service. This organization is a member of the Association of College Honor Societies and identifies individuals with proven or potential professional and community service. This organization gives opportunities to build professional leadership, supplies a structure for building competence skills in management and leadership, provides networking with established professionals, and allows for mentoring by alumni.